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Business Services

The following Business Services are offered by Streetmap (please note that all prices exclude VAT unless specified).

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IIf you require any further information or would like to take up one of our business service, please call us on (+44) 01908 526670

Alternatively you can write to us at Streetmap, Streetmap EU Ltd, Po Box 5123, Milton Keynes. Bucks. MK5 6WY

Embedded Mapping

Our embedded mapping service provides mapping inside your own public web pages.

More details can be found here.

For a demonstration account and technical details please contact us

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Store/Venue/Nearest2 Locator

Our Store/Venue/Nearest2 locator service provides you with the ability to simply, quickly and efficently power up your web site with nearest to location functionality and more.

More details can be found here.

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Data Sales

For those organizations wishing to use copies of our data on their own systems, we do sell digital data. The following data sets of digital raster data are available:

Data Sets



Tile Size

Tile Price


Street Level

Whole Mainland UK

5km x 5km


Bartholomews Street

Street Level

Greater London

5km x 5km

£50 web use
£25 non web

OS Landranger


Whole Mainland UK

10km x 10km


Bartholomews Road


Whole Mainland UK

100km x 100km

£60 web use
£30 non web

Aerial Photography


49% of Populated Areas

500m x 500m

£15 non web
£25 web use

Note that prices are all ex vat. Unless specified, the price includes use for Internet publishing. Where single tiles are sold, the tile price must be paid annually for as long as the data is shown on the Internet. To buy a single map, please search for the location on and follow the instructions on screen for the buy map or go to our buy maps page

Please note that (only) Ordnance Survey data is restricted in that the data/service may only be used for your own businesses display and promotion and with no financial gain, services/data based on our other data providers are free from this restriction

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We also provide consultancy on the implementation and use of Internet mapping and systems. Please contact us for more details

Printed Paper Wall Maps

If you require a fully customised large printed paper wall map then please see one of our partners here

For More Information

IIf you require any further information or would like to take up one of our business service, please call Kate on (+44) 01908 526670

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